Yep, the title of this post is Bobbleheads.  If you’re looking for something remotely academic from me today, you would be well advised to stop now and head off to read something else.

With the upgraded operating system on the iPad, I spent a considerable amount of time organizing the applications and putting them into folders.  I ran across this one application that made me the hit of a friend’s kindergarten class a year ago at this time.  It was the Santa Bobblehead application.

I guess nothing says festive like Santa Claus and this application allows him to converge with music and motion on your portable device.  So, it had been sitting on my computer for over a year and brought out just in time for this year’s holiday season.

Believe it or not, we did manage to turn it into a discussion sitting on the carpet and passing an iPhone around.

It falls into the same category as Elf Yourself and the high level time-wasting discussions as to whether or not that website should be blocked by the content filters.  If you lose that argument and are still looking for some dancing silliness, then you can always turn to something like I Think You Can Dance.  For some festive fun, stick your favourite picture into the application and let the dancing begin.

Even for a FollowFriday, I wouldn’t embarrass friends by Bobbleheading them.  Well, OK, maybe just one because he beat me at Words with Friends.  Here’s to you, Andy!

If you’ve stuck with this post long enough to read this, then you know you’ll want to head over to the Applications Store just to check out this free application.  If you didn’t stick around, you won’t know what you missed!

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