Posting 11/20/2010

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Some FollowFriday Fun

Google does its best to help you while you search with its search suggestions.  Often, they can be used to refine your search strategies on the fly.  On the other hand, there are some fun suggestions that can pop up.

I went about searching for some of the folks on the Ontario Educators’ List…

For example, when I wanted to “Look up Anita”, the suggestion of “anyone” seemed to be divergent thinking!  Not quite performance in the Teacher-Librarian world.

Even Google gets confused when asked to “spell Cyndie”!

Nobody really know “what zoe teaches”

I think it’s a compliment that Safina gets confused with Santa when asked “where does Safina teach”


Hmmm.  “Why does Brenda continue to chair the ECOO Conference?” Belly buttons may be too personal an answer…

“Who is Peter and what’s that on his face?”

And we all are curious as to “Why won’t Peter be at Symposium”

It seemed like an innocent enough question to ask if “Can digitalnative present?”

Even Google thinks it’s cool that “Alana is on a train!”

And, finally, Doug has been called non-creative in the past, but this one hurts!

Happy FollowFriday.