Having it All?

When you start your browser, it has to load something first.

So, what do you open with?  Many open with the Bing search engine.  Or, the Google search enging.  Or, your personal home page.  Or, your Diigo/Delicious page?  Or, nothing.

I’ve tried a number of things and shared them here in the blog.

One of my computers uses Tizmos.

Another uses Symbaloo.

And I thought I had it covered.  I put a great deal of effort into defining what I needed.  Silly me.  It’s only a subset of what’s available

What would you do if you wanted to have it all?

Here’s a suggestion that’s crowd sourced.


They’re all there.

You would think anyway.  If you have a spot that should be added, there’s a form where you can contribute your own suggestions.

Use this and you’ll never say “There’s nothing on” again!


One comment

  1. Hello Mr. Peterson,
    I am a student in EDM 310 at the University of South Alabama in Mobile, AL. Our class is based on learning how to use the latest technology for our future teaching jobs. In our class, we actually had to create a Symbaloo. I find it very useful, especially since it have every website I enjoy visiting.
    I have never heard of Foks before, but I don’t think it is the website for me because there are just way too many different sites to go to that I know I wouldn’t use. I like that Symbaloo allows you to choose what websites you want for your personal homepage.
    Well, thank you for this post and showing different home pages.


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