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There’s a new player in the online reading market for the iPad.  Zite is another free app to download for the iPad and falls into the same demand for your reading time as the Flipboard and Pulse applications do.  Navigation and reading stories is just as easy but Zite claims a big difference.

That difference you’ll notice right away.  When you open it for the first time, you’re asked to connect Zite to Twitter and / or your Google Feed.  Zite’s claim to fame is that it will analyze what you’re reading and following and do its best to provide related content.

Like the other products, you can add and customize sections which you see along the right side in the image above.  Pick a section to refine the type of stories to be selected for you.  If you want more, a search routine is there for even more.  So, I added a few sections and let the stories roll.

What is really appealing to me is the claim that Zite will apply some intelligence to search for articles based upon my conversations through Twitter.  This really would deliver on the promise of computers and connectivity.  Imagine a personal devices that hunts and finds the best of what you’re expressing an interest in.  Of course, once you find and read and article, you can share it to your network via Twitter or Facebook or good ol’ email.  Articles can be voted up or down in Digg fashion, and a confirmation message that you’ll receive more stories like that one in the future is displayed.  Over time, if this works as promised, articles for you to read should be tuned to your interests.  I really like the concept and can’t wait to see it in action.

Zite seems to have had a great day with lots of folks giving it a first run.  Even last night when I was testing it, the Zite servers indicated that they were experiencing a heavy, unexpected load and that they were in the process of upgrading.  Nothing succeeds like success.

If you’re into reading the news, and lots of it, you’ll want to give this application a try.  I’d be interested in your thoughts.

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