A Great Game for Your iPad

I don’t normally play a great deal of games on my computer.  Well, I’ll make an exception for Angry Birds…

I just happened to be reading some messages and one of them talked about a great game that was on sale for $.99.  So, I thought that I’d take a gander.  I wish that I could remember who pointed me in this direction so that I could thank them.  Anyway, I downloaded the most engaging application that I’ve seen in a while.

Flight Control from Firemint is the first air craft controller game that I’ve ever owned.  I’ve seen others play them but have never had one for myself, until now.

Aircraft appear from the sides of the screen.  All that you have to do is get them to the appropriate runway.  Blue planes; blue runways.  It sounds simple enough and if starts nice and simply.  In fact, it lulled me into a quick sense of mastery.  Then, the helicopters appear.  Then more and more airplanes and then some more slow flying helicopters.

I’m hooked.  If you have a buck to spend on yourself, grab this application while it’s on sale.

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