Google Translate Doesn’t Help

I do check the comments to my blog.  I really do.  Even the things that Akismet tags as spam.  I'm cleaning things out tonight and notice this reply. Sie krochen und versuchte Ubertragung Salon Handys mts Spiegel mit Wellenschliff Frau de Beauseant in einem modischen Theater. Simply the best myvideo Exponential Unterschied in den Kosten, [...]

Today in Twitter

Are you the type that likes to review what's happened during the past day with your Twitter account? Do you have this paranoid feeling that people are talking about you and you missed it? Is there an event with a hashtag happening that you'd like the details about? Is there something going on with a [...]

OTR Links for 03/20/2011

The Evolution of the Computer [Infographic] | iTOK.NET Well, if you have then we just provided you all the answers you could ever hope for in the very informative infographic below that outlines the evolution of the computer.  Don’t be scared, there is a lot of information below so feel free to poke around a [...]