Google Translate Doesn’t Help

I do check the comments to my blog.  I really do.  Even the things that Akismet tags as spam.  I’m cleaning things out tonight and notice this reply.

Sie krochen und versuchte Ubertragung Salon Handys mts Spiegel mit Wellenschliff Frau de Beauseant in einem modischen Theater. Simply the best myvideo Exponential Unterschied in den Kosten, beginnt Nokia drucken anderen Unternehmen sind nicht nur funktional, sondern fur den Preis. Brauchen Sie mehrere Stunden am Tag, um solche Auswirkungen von Larm auf den Menschen Nickerchen. Da unsere Telefone obwohl und Chinesisch, aber es ist vip-Telefon, das ursprungliche Modell, das von gro?em Wert sind und daher nicht zuganglich gewohnliche Burger. Handys aus China haben sich bereits gezeigt, dauerhafte und zuverlassige elektronische Waren werden, steht vollig im Einklang mit internationalen Normen fur Qualitat. Und DiSEqC. Zunachst einmal stellt sich ein Service-Center, wo es Spezialisten, die Kenntnisse und Erfahrungen in Bereichen wie Mobilfunk, Reparatur von Handys haben, PDA Smartphones, Reparatur von Kommunikatoren sind, Reparaturen Sony PSP, sowie die uber moderne technische Basis mit einer jahrlichen Kapazitat Nachrustung Ausrustung. Wir sind zuversichtlich, dass die Zahlungen uber Mobiltelefone mdash; logische Schritt in der Entwicklung der Zahlung Technologien, mdash; Bernard erstellt.
Einfuhrung moderner Technologien im Maschinenbau und Elektronik in China ist recht schnell. Stinger antivirus software Prognose der Analysten Panasonic unterscheidet Optimismus. Alle Informationen auf dem Handy amNASh HUMOR Igel mit einem Kater wird nur anti. Ich bin mude REMOVE AKKOMULYATOR hilft Der Gro?teil Nichts. Willkommen in der Online-Shop von zellularen Handys, Kommunikatoren und Zubehor FonMarket! War bereit, Abschied zu ersetzen Vorganger verbrachte. Dies ist deutlich hoher als in den US-Markt, wo das gleiche Modell ssentyabrya zu einem Preis verkauft. Ist es moglich, Jimm ubernehmen neue Funktionen zu kommen mit?

Hmmmm.  Obviously not English or French. It does look at bit German-ish to my non German speaking eyes.  From my years living in Kitchener-Waterloo and the Oktoberfest, I do recognize "Willkommen".  The rest is a little obscure!  What to do?  I’ll get my old friend Google Translate to help out.  I’ll even let it recognize the language in case I’m wrong…

It is indeed German.  Now, I knew a lot of really smart people who spoke German as their second language.  Maybe there’s something really relevant in this reply.  Here’s the translation.

They crawled and tried to transfer phones mts salon mirror with wavy de Beauseant woman in a fashionable theater. Simply the best myvideo exponential difference in cost, other companies, Nokia will start printing are not only functional, but for the price. Need more hours a day to have such effects on humans of Larm nap. As our phones though, and Chinese, but it’s vip phone, the original model, which are of great? Em value and therefore not accessible to ordinary burger. Cell Phones from China have already shown to be durable and reliable electronic products, is completely in line with international standards for quality. And DiSEqC.At first of all, is a service center, where specialists have the knowledge and experience in areas such as mobile communications, repair of mobile phones, PDA phones, repair of communicators, repairs Sony PSP, as well as about modern facility features a year Lichen capacity retrofit Equipment. We are confident that the payments via mobile phones mdash; logical step in the development of payment technologies, mdash; Bernard created. 
Introduction of modern technologies in mechanical engineering and electronics in China is quite fast. Stinger anti virus software forecast of analysts Panasonic differs optimism. All information on the phone amNASh HUMOR hedgehog with a hangover, only anti. I’m tired REMOVE AKKOMULYATOR helps the Gro? Part nothing. FonMarket Welcome to the online store of cellular phones, communicators and accessories! Was ready to replace farewell predecessors spent. This is significantly higher than in the U.S. market, where the same model ssentyabrya sold at a price. Is it possible to take over with Jimm to get new features?

I don’t know why I doubted Akismet in the first place.  This looks like someone spilled a German dictionary on the floor and tried to put it back together.  Some makes sense but others don’t. 

Either that or Google Translate dropped the ball.  Somehow I don’t think so.Tags: , ,

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Today in Twitter

Are you the type that likes to review what’s happened during the past day with your Twitter account?

Do you have this paranoid feeling that people are talking about you and you missed it?

Is there an event with a hashtag happening that you’d like the details about?

Is there something going on with a common word that you’d like any and all of the details about?

Is Twitter blocked at your location but you still want to follow any of the above?

Do you want to know everything but don’t want to be connected to Twitter 24/7?

If any of the above apply to you, then Twilert may well be the answer to your problems.  It’s a simple and yet very powerful concept.  Just head over to the Twilert site and login with your Twitter ID or Google ID and create yourself a Twilert.  It can be any user or hashtag or search term.

Twilert then goes to work aggregating all of the comments based upon that search term and sends them to you in the form of an email.  The final step in this process is to pick a time when you’d like Twilert to email the results to you!  I follow the term “dougpete” and have mine delivered at 2pm.  It’s a nice mid-afternoon to late-evening diversion.  (Never mind the green marks – that’s my Web of Trust letting me know that those links are safe.

If you should miss a message or want to jump into the conversation, Twilert conveniently provides links for you to right in the email message.


If your job is tracking social media conversations about your product, it’s invaluable.  But, even hobby users of the service want to stay on top of things, so why not? You’ll never miss a message again.

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OTR Links for 03/20/2011

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