I wanna be…

…just like the Google Chrome Browser!

And now, your instance of Mozilla Firefox can step in that direction.

One of the reasons that I’ve settled on Google Chrome for my default browser is the minimalist approach that it takes to occupying screen space on computers.  If you have a big 17" display, it probably doesn’t matter.  But, if you have a smaller display or a netbook, every pixel counts.

Internet Explorer seems to get it and the current release of IE9 is taking valuable screenspace into account.  This is good.

Out of the box, though, Mozilla Firefox does seem to take up a great deal of valuable viewing.  But, no more.  There are some pretty sharp developers who are writing addons that this into consideration. 

From the ShoutMeLoud blog, I read this entry entitled "5 Addons to Make your Firefox look like Google Chrome".  I know that many people are comfortable with Firefox because of its great user experience and the addons that have added functionality over the years.  Using the addons will change the visual appearance of Firefox, to be sure.  But, most importantly, it gives you just the little extra room on the screen for reading and, consequently, potentially a little less scrolling.

Or, if you’re a little hesitant to install yet another addon, then you can throw away the screen display appearance altogether.  From the View Menu, select Full Screen (if you like it, quickly learn the shortcuts SHIFT – CMD – F) and you’ll get every single pixel devoted to your browsing habit.

It’s the little things…

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