Alfred Thompson (@alfredtwo) and I have a little standing joke between the two of us.  We get a kick from reading blog posts about “Top 10 Educational Blogs” or “Best Blogs to Follow” or the like.  You may see a message from one of us to the other typically along the lines of “Here’s another list that we didn’t make…”  We recognize that often these lists are written by magazines that have to crank out content but are amused at times with the content.  Often, the lists contain the same blogs just shuffled up differently.  It’s also interesting to read since some of them haven’t had a post in months and both Alfred and I try to express our thoughts regularly.  It’s just fun.

But, there are lists that mean a great deal.  On Twitter, you can create your own lists of people to follow.  It’s very handy to keep track of people based upon a particular theme.  I will have my Seesmic Desktop open and have three lists that I follow daily to stay on top of things.  These lists are:

  • People I’ve Met – People that I’ve met face to face at one point or another
  • Keynotes – People who have given keynote addresses at a conference that I continue to follow
  • Ontario Educators – My personal favourite just to find out what’s happening in Education in the province

These are pubic lists and you can click each to see who made my list and who I like to follow.

It’s also an honour to be on someone else’s list.  Hopefully, that means that someone has read my stuff and is intrigued enough to want to find out more.  Some of these lists are curated manually and others are made by software but, as Alfred and I will attest, it’s just nice to be on a list!    As I look through my account tonight, I see that I’m on a few lists.

Now, I’m not under the delusion that I’m about to change the world, but it’s nice just to be asked.  As I look through the list of lists, here are some of my favourites!

That was a fun walk through the listings.  I am honoured that somehow I ended up on someone else’s list.  Alfred would be proud of me.  Have you checked yourself lately to see who’s listed you?

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OTR Links for 03/13/2011

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