Response to TheNerdyTeacher

I've tried to respond to TheNerdyTeacher on his post wrapping up the MACUL Conference but Blogger is unable to post it for whatever reason.  I've been burned before so have the habit of copying the reply before clicking post.  Here is what I was going to say! The original blog post appears here . I [...]


On Thursday, I took the opportunity to participate in a day of learning with Michigan educators at MACUL 11.  The MACUL Conference (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning) is held annually and bounces back and forth across the state.  One year, it's in Grand Rapids and the next year it's in Detroit.  This year, [...]

OTR Links for 03/19/2011

HOW TO: Create a Blockbuster Mobile App So, what exactly does it take to create a killer app? A good idea, focus, determination and lots of luck certainly help. But there are other factors that up-and-comers can glean from seasoned developers who have been there, done that, and done it well. tags: create mobile app [...]