A #FollowFriday Game

Not everything that we do needs to be deep and thoughtful. Sometimes, it’s just fun to play.

The Twitter Friends Network Browser is just fun. So, for this #FollowFriday, I’m going to challenge you to play a little game. It is guaranteed to completely fill your computer screen in minutes in a fun way. But, the twist is, you need to know your Ontario Educators!

Since I originally created the list, you’re going to start with me.

So, here’s the deal. Click on this link to get started. This will load the Twitter Friends Network Browser for you. By default, you’ll start to load the developer’s friends. Just go to the top left corner and replace “NeuroProd” with “dougpete” and click the go ahead button. You should get a first screen with me at the centre and a bunch of the people I follow around the outside. (Going full screen gives you more room to play…)

Find an Ontario Educator and click on her/his avatar. Let the fireworks begin. Repeat the process and find another Ontario Educator. Then another. Then another. How far can you go?

It gets messy after a while! Hopefully, you’re not trying to do this on a Netbook.

But, chances are you haven’t memorized the entire list and that’s OK. What you really want to do, I’m sure, is reload the page and put yourself in the centre and repeat the process with your favourite Twitter users. It’s an interesting way to wade your way through your list.

It’s also some interesting Flash programming. The responsiveness is impressive and the developer did have to dig into Twitter to get the content.

Happy Follow Friday.

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