Explicit Instruction

Lasalle is a municipality two towns over.  Recently, they have put into place a couple of roundabouts. They make a great deal of sense.  The one at Malden Road and Todd Lane was never my friend.  It didn’t matter which way I approached the three way intersection, I always got to sit at at long red light. Now, in a perfect world, I shouldn’t have to stop.  I should just enter and exit at the right road.

I think that the plan was that the residents would just discover the rules of the road.  It’s turned into a nightmare for such a simple concept.  I swear that my son and I are the only ones that use turn signals there.  Not going in to the roundabout; that’s easy but rather to signal when you exit the roundabout.  You’re not really doing it for yourself but rather you’re being considerate for those who are about to enter the roundabout and need to know what your intentions are.  Without the signals, you really do have to stop to make sure you know what cars are doing in order for it to work.  Consequently, you have to stop and wait until you’re sure.

It’s so new, I can’t find an aerial image of the roundabout so just picture it above!

My daughter lives in Lasalle and tells me that the current print issue of the Lasalle Post has explicit instructions for how to drive through a roundabout.  I haven’t seen the article but hopefully this includes instructions about turn signals.  There’s also good information at the Transport Canada website.

There’s a parallel to things in education.  Yes, you can discover, but there are times when explicit instruction is required.  For drivers, this is one of them.  After all, there may come a time when a roundabout like the Magic Roundabout in Swindon, United Kingdom is built and you’re going to want to know how to navigate!

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