Starting Life in a Browser

Earlier, I had asked the question “Could I Live in a Browser‘?  I never thought that it was possible but as I continue to poke around in the Google Chrome browser, I’m finding so many ways that I can.  By hitting the Google Chrome Store, web applications or links to the web resources just addContinue reading “Starting Life in a Browser”

links for 2011-01-12

Slatebox :: Visualize Everything Real-Time Diagrams For Your Team The no-hassle presentation and online mind mapping (tags: collaboration web2.0 visualization slatebox tools mindmapping visualize mindmap) SnipSnip.It – Share the Good Parts Snip and share your favourite part of a YouTube video. (tags: youtube editing videoediting snipsnip tools share cut technology) – Homepage TimeRime isContinue reading “links for 2011-01-12”