You’ve got to Like it

How many times do you do what you think is the perfect search only to come up a bit short?  It’s frustrating.  After all, you’ve used the tools – perhaps have gone to the advanced search feature (which I recommend for all searching to speed up the process) – but despite your best boolean logic and filtering abilities, the best that you could do is come close.

Have you ever asked yourself – I wish I could find a page just like that, only better?

Now, you can with the appropriate browser extension.  Perhaps the term “like” is a little too close to Facebook, so how about “similar” instead?

Firefox – Use the Similar Pages Extension (Developer page)

Chrome – Use Google Similar Pages beta (by Google)

It’s a great concept.  Unlike refining your search by opening results in individual tabs or returning to the search results and starting over, just visit one of the originally searched sites and ask your browser to find pages similar to it.

Let’s put it to the test.  I’ve got my Chrome browser open and I’d like to see pages similar to the Canadian version of Yahoo!  The results are interesting.  Yes, Yahoo! is a search engine but it’s more than that – it’s a portal to information.  Similar pages finds both!

So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the results include both portal pages and search engines.

Now, Similar Pages is no replacement for well constructed searches in the first place but it’s a helpful addon/extension when you reach a page and just want a little more.  Recreationally, it’s also a great play to discover tool too!



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