Search for Everyone

The Internet is built for everyone.  There’s content that appeals to users no matter what the search.  Just fire up Google and search for any term or a person and you’ll find results that either meet your requirements or are far off base.  That’s the joy and frustration of using a search engine and theContinue reading “Search for Everyone”

links for 2011-01-16

Comparison: iPhone 4 and Two Hot New Android Smartphones [INFOGRAPHIC] Here’s a comparison of two Verizon-bound smartphones recently introduced at CES 2011, with Verizon’s iPhone 4 rolled out last week sandwiched in between. Created by one of Skatter Tech‘s student reporters, it’s remarkably comprehensive. (tags: iphone android comparison) When Bad Websites Happen to Good PeopleContinue reading “links for 2011-01-16”