Football Exploring

I’m really starting to dislike Hyundai.  It’s not their vehicles; they’re probably as good as the commercials would have us believe  but during the football games yesterday, the commercials played over and over and over.  Couldn’t CTV sell air time to someone else?

To kill the time during the commercials, I took upon myself to do one of my Formula 1 activities and apply it to football.  The goal was to fire up Google Earth and head to the city on television and see if I could find the stadium from the air after turning off the Places setting.  Some fields are easier to find than others.  For example, the Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis has its name on the top so that you can see it from space!  What I find really interesting is the architectural design that goes into modern stadiums and what you can see from space.

So, yesterday, I located Heinz Field

and the Georgia Dome.

without too much difficulty.  By itself, the two of them show interesting design elements.  Even more interesting is to see how the artists of the world have added 3D Building effects to locations as well.  (Go back to Indianapolis!)

The activity of exploring sites has huge potential in the classroom when discussion current and historical events.  What better way to take a virtual tour of your community to cover curriculum expectations?  If you have a particularly interesting or snaking road in your community, follow it.  If you have a local landmark, find it.

For bonus marks, for each of the stadiums, can you use StreetView to find the entrance like here to get into Quest field?

Commercial’s over!  Back to the ball game.


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