Can You Catch Yourself?

OK, this post is admittedly less deep than normal.  But, it could be fun.

If you’re regular around here, you know that I devote my #FollowFriday tweets to Ontario Educators who are actively sharing things with the rest of us.  If you’re sharing on a Friday, I’ll throw your name into a Tweet.  But, also, the Best of Ontario Educators’ Daily also shows off some of the things that you’re posting as well.  And, if someone is good enough to retweet a message, bonus…

Tori’s Eye is an interesting visualization.  By entering a Twitter name or a search term, it searches the active stream and when it finds something, a bird will appear on the screen flying by.  Each bird carries a message but there’s no indication what message until you move your cursor over the message.

So, your challenge if you’re incredibly bored…can you find yourself?  Check out the search for Ontario Educators by clicking here.  You can make it easier by composing or retweeting messages with the term “Ontario Educators” in it.  The more activity, the bigger the flock.

Can you catch the right bird?  Who else is an Ontario Educator?  Have you made friends with them?


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