The Ultimate Bloggers

So, it’s January 5.  How are you who are taking the postaday2011 or postaweek2011 challenge making out?  Well, I hope and I hope that you’re able to find inspiration and ideas to keep your blog live and vibrant.  If you’re partaking, I’d enjoy reading your blog.  Please leave your link in the comments.

Bloggers are researchers, story tellers, entertainers, and inspiration for the reading masses.  They collect readers and build community and readership loyalty if they’re doing their job correctly.  Despite all this, the concept is not new.  There is a whole group who I’d like to call the “Ultimate” because they do the same thing daily, weekly, and most of all reliably.

These folks are the regular comic strip authors/editors.  They’ve been doing their genius for years and we’ve all enjoyed their efforts.  Who doesn’t know the names Charles M. Shultz or Jim Unger or Ripley or the story telling characters Dilbert or Blondie or Andy Capp?  Who can’t empathize at times with The Born Loser?

You can enjoy your favourites and find new cartoons for free with a simple subscription.  At, the registration is free and the possibilities/inspiration/humour is endless.

If you’re the type that needs a reminder to read your favourite comic, you’re covered there.  With a free subscription, you’ll end up with your selection(s) in your mailbox for inspiration every morning.  This is really handy if your local newspaper doesn’t carry your fave.

Think of what you’ve done with comics over the years.  Who hasn’t cut a copy from the newspaper and put it on your bulletin board?  Or included it as inspiration in a lesson?  Or quoted your favourite comic strip character in a conversation?  Or used Comics in the Classroom?

Using all of this as inspiration, why can’t blogging be the same?  It’s certainly a similar artform.  It’s a short article that gets to the point and conveys its message.  In fact, it’s probably a great deal easier since you don’t have to have the drawing to go with it!

If that genre intrigues you, read on.  Ontario Educators could certainly replicate this with their Bitstrips for Schools accounts.  With that, you too, could become an ultimate blogger.  But, real comic strip makers have teams of authors.  Hey, you do too.  Look out on that sea of 20, 25, 30 faces.  There are lots of stories just waiting to be told.  Putting it all into perspective gives you real appreciation for comic strip authors.  Don’t forget the Ministry licensed Comic Life.  Create your own strips there or as I showed earlier, do your own Ripley’s style research.

It makes postaday and postaweek a little more doable!


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