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Sunday morning and it’s a great opportunity to get caught up on the events of the past week.  There was a time when that meant walking over to Mac’s Milk and buying a copy of the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and the Toronto Sun.  Then, armed with a couple of coffees, it was time to read them from cover to cover.  It was an activity that I really enjoyed.  As I think about it, it was largely a sequential activity as I would flip through the various pages, reading pausing here and there to read.

I still enjoy these publications but spend my reading time online with them.  Online affords one the luxury of getting to the content considerably quicker.  My reading experience has certainly broadened with the wealth of newspapers that are so easily accessible.  The Newseum is a great launch pad for newspapers world-wide.

Reading can be, as noted above, very sequential if you let it.  Random access is better handled online where you can pick and choose what you want to read.  But, it’s not just for news anymore.  To entice readers to return, publishers are embedding great entertainment as well in the forms of video and images.  The result is a great experience for the consumer.  Now, my primary sources are my Alltop page, flipping through Flipboard, and as I shared earlier this week resources that I accumulate in my Seesmic Desktop.  Alltop is, in fact, one of the start pages in my browsers.

Oh, and also the Ontario Educators and the Yoon Soo Lim Dailies too.

But, there’s another page that I enjoy enough to put in a second tab.  It’s a service called Popurls.

Like the Newseum, it’s a service that collects the best of the web.  If you’re looking for the most recent on Flickr, Reddit, Digg, or Yahoo! Buzz or well, so much more, this is the place to go.  You really do have to visit it to experience it.  Just visit or login with your OpenID to customize colours, content time, organization, etc.

With all of this so available, there’s no end for the news and reading junkie.  It fits nicely into a Flipboard page too.

But, everyone now and again, I feel the urge just for a random shot of something — anything.

Popurls helps out there with a service that they call Popshuffle.

It’s a little piece of code that you drag to your bookmark bar.  When you get the urge to read something at random, just give it a click and see what turns up.  Now, we’re all open minded people here so you’ll take my advice wisely when I indicate that you use the service wisely if there are people looking over your shoulder.  You’ll recognize that random is random and news to some is not necessarily news for all.

Despite this, it’s a wonderful resource if you’re looking for a quick random read.

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