Having it all

I do a great deal of reading on a daily basis.  Some comes from here, some comes from there, some comes from over there, and more.  Frustratingly, it means different utilities to get it done.  Some might come from Facebook, some from Twitter, some from websites, …  You get the idea.

At one point in time, I thought that RSS was the answer.  Then, I thought bookmarking services was the answer.  Then I thought creating my own start portal was the answer.  All of these worked, but seem primitive compared to the functionality that the recently released Seesmic Desktop 2 provides.

Into the world of Twitter browsers, this immediately stands out.  Sure, you can download it, set up your Twitter account and start browsing.  You can do that with all of the quality browsers available.  Then, you need to be able browse lists and do searches to find the good stuff.

Seesmic Desktop 2 takes the concept way further.  In the web browsing world, modern browsers allow for the concept of extensions or plug-ins to extend its functionality.  Seesmic Desktop 2 brings the same thing to your Twitter browser!  The newest version has its own “marketplace” where you pick and choose plug-ins to configure your information browsing experience.



You’ll recognize some of the names immediately.  Klout, Facebook, FourSquare, Topsy, Bing Maps, YFrog, and so much more.  Once you dress up your browser, amazing things happen.

Inline images!  See what people are sharing, the moment that they share it along with statistics of the poster.  No more switching to another window or clicking a link to make the magic happen.  It’s all there.




Who doesn’t like a wander through the Huffington Post for the latest in opinion?  Seesmic Desktop 2 supports the concept of channels and the Post is there, upfront, with its contents further categorized.  The reading just never stops.  Of course, that’s not the only channel, but it’s a wonderful start.


Where Twitter does fail (grin) is that you can’t turn off the conversation stream just because you’re going to do something silly like going to bed.  People just keep on sharing.  Believe it or not, there’s a plug-in for that.  The Cadmus plug-in keeps track of conversations while you’re away.  Last night, Alec Couros’ eci831 open access course had Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach as a guest speaker talking about Learning Communities.  I missed it; but I didn’t miss the related conversations.


Or, Chris Pirillo noted that the Apple store was unavailable.  Very quickly, I can get up to speed with what the world is thinking about this!


Bottom line here is that Seesmic Desktop 2 can change the way that you gather and absorb information from your reading channels.  Pull your favourites together in one spot.  You may never need to leave your social portal to stay up to date again!  Download it from here – Macintosh and Windows.


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