Reading for Halloween

In today’s multi-media world, we and students are bombarded by incredible graphics, surround sound with things swishing here and there, digitally recorded and enhanced audio so that you feel like you’re there.  For all this technology, when it comes to horror, there still is something missing. Watch the horror for Halloween to see zombies andContinue reading “Reading for Halloween”

links for 2010-10-17

Mapeas Placing world news on a map of the world. (tags: mapeas news web2.0) Bloom's by Joshua Coupal on Prezi Prezi dealing with Blooms Taxonomy and thoughts about a digital taxonomy. (tags: BloomsTaxonomy Prezi pedagogy blooms_taxonomy bloom teaching blooms education) Let No One Else’s Work Evade Your Eyes… « If You Don't Like Change… CouldContinue reading “links for 2010-10-17”