Making Music

In one of our moves, the electric piano ended up no longer being an integral part of the rec room.  It was great; you could plug your headphones in and practice and nobody would know how badly I played.  After learning a song and wanting to share, I could plug it into the stereo and really amplify my abilities.  I think they call the song “Chopsticks“.

So, what are the mechanics behind an electronic piano?  Well, there are keys and there’s a speaker to hear your music.  Oh, and you can press more than one key at a time.

Sounds like the perfect specifications for an iPad application.  In fact, there is one and it’s terrific.  It’s called “Virtuoso” and it’s free and waiting for you to download it now!  It’s a fun application that brings back memories of a full-sized piano.  Dual keyboard layout is the default and a little slider gives you access to a full range of keys.  For the learner, the settings allows you to label the keys.  And, you’re off….

Suppose there are a couple of piano players in the house?  Virtuoso lets you turn one of the keyboards around so that you can have your own dueling pianos!

See it in action.

And, tutorials are available on a YouTube page!  Most of the demonstrations are for the iPod version but the same concepts apply to the larger version.  A great free application to download and inspire the musician in you.  Need more functionality?  There’s also a $.99 version with many bells and whistles.

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