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Every day, I do a great deal of reading and find resources that I want to make sure that I don’t lose track. For me, Diigo and Delicious have been invaluable. One of the frustrating things about using iPad was the lack of direct connection that I have with a regular browser. The extensions that plug directly into Firefox or Chrome are awesome.

When I find something that’s useful for me on the iPad, I’d typically tuck it away to Instapaper and get back to it – eventually – when connected via a computer web browser.

But, there wasn’t something equivalent for iPad.  Until now.

Recently, I installed Delicious Bookmark Discovery and I now have my answer!  It’s a connection to Delicious like I’ve never experience on iPad.

Like many add-ons to iPad Safari, there is a Javascript script that lets you add a bookmark to the browser.  When I find a website that I’d like to tuck away to my Delicious account, I just have to click the bookmark and away it goes.  Unlike other bookmark utilities that I’ve tried, this one gives you the full bookmarking experience.

Add the URL, the description and tags like you would with any other bookmarking tool!  You can even mark the entry as private if you want to keep it just for yourself!

It gets even better though.  I have immediate access to the list of bookmarks that I’ve previously tucked away.  Click on one and you’ve got a browser view built right in to the utility.  I like the ability to see immediately who else has bookmarked the same thing.  When I’m bored, I’ll explore their collection to see what they’ve bookmarked.  Isn’t that the promise of networking – to make a connection to similarly minded folks?

At this point, I’ve got to conclude that this is the best Delicious experience for the iPad that I’ve run across.  It’s a great deal at $1.99 if you’re a big bookmarker and want to take your tool to that platform.  If you’re not using Safari as your iPad browser – I use the Atomic Web browser – the Javascript code works nicely there as well.

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