QR in a Lesson

So, in continuing to play around with QR codes, I’m wondering what it might look like in a lesson.  The value of the code is that a quick scan with your camera and the appropriate software takes you directly to the information on the other end.  Certainly, a clickable link is more conventional.

Part of the challenge of the conventional link with the smaller devices is clicking on the desired link.  That can be a challenge when you have a cluster of links together.  How often do you click the wrong link?  The other thing that you run across regularly are pages where people think that they have created a link but have left off the http:// part and your browser thinks that the link is a relative link instead of an absolute one.

Anyway, just trying this out and doing a QR spin on my previous post of “My Childhood Community”,

I present “Schools in my Life”.

I attended Kindergarten to Grade 8 here.

Grades 9-13

Math and Computer Science



AQ (it took three summers…)

I applied all of these qualifications here.

And now, I teach here.

It certainly makes direct navigation possible.  How about other devices?  Suggestions are here.

I think this has possibilities in a classroom with devices with cameras.  I’m still thinking about it.

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