A Sunday Morning Diversion

It’s interesting to wake up and do a quick skim to see what the Twitter world was talking about while I was sleeping.  In this, it was a post from Alec Couros.  It’s a resource called “Guess the Google“.  And, it’s a great deal more difficult than it would seem.

The premise is pretty simple.  The website gives you 16 images in a collage.  Your task is to find the one keyword that would be common in all of the images.

It’s a Google image search – only in reverse.

It is difficult at times.  The keywords can seem fairly obscure but there is a great sense of satisfaction when you do get it.  If you’re good, send your results to the high score board.

If nothing else, it goes to explain the seemingly unrelated images that are returned when you do your own image searches!

Thanks, Alec.  My morning is pretty much shot as I get addicted to this.

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