A Sunday Morning Diversion

It's interesting to wake up and do a quick skim to see what the Twitter world was talking about while I was sleeping.  In this, it was a post from Alec Couros.  It's a resource called "Guess the Google".  And, it's a great deal more difficult than it would seem. The premise is pretty simple.  … Continue reading A Sunday Morning Diversion


links for 2010-10-16

http://www.bucketfillers101.com/ From the beginning, our company's mission has been to create bucketfiling schools, families, workplaces, and communities, where kindness, respect, thoughtfulness, and good will toward all prevail.  We accomplish this mission through our presentations, publications (such as this website!), and our popular books and products that teach bucket filling...one of the most beneficial life concepts … Continue reading links for 2010-10-16