An Upgrade Worth Grabbing

To complement Windows 7, Microsoft has a free package that you may have downloaded.  It’s called Windows Live Essentials and you probably went for it because of the Movie Maker or Photo Gallery applications.  However, there is, in my opinion, a best of breed product in there entitled Windows Live Writer 2011.  If you’re aContinue reading “An Upgrade Worth Grabbing”

links for 2010-10-29

Amby's Education Site — Math Resources Amby's Education Site: Math Resources (tags: resources math arithmetic Geometry education Maths algebra) Pandamian – Alpha Pandamian makes web-based software for book writers. We think writing on the Internet should be simple, easy, and fun. Click here to learn more! (tags: pandamian writing publishing) Monocle – Books in theContinue reading “links for 2010-10-29”