Window Shopping

Probably for good reason, I am forbidden from going to the shopping mall and especially any technology store by myself.  I’m a real sucker for window displays, I guess, and I am the poster child for impulse shopper!

I have a couple of problems when I go to the App Store looking for something for my iPad.  First of all, the store is huge.  By the time that I get done wandering around looking for what I’m looking for, I’ve forgotten what I was looking for!  I’ll also spend some time looking at the Top 25 lists and that’s a great way to browse but sometimes just doesn’t inspire me to find something interesting and new to play around with.  It can be frustrating at times.

But, I found there’s an application that eases the process.

It’s called Appsfire and is available through a website which is a great way to browse and find new apps.  It does involve a two step process since you then have to go to the store, download the app, and then synch it to the iPad.  What’s even cooler is that Appsfire is also an iPad application! 

Just like the finest stroll through the mall, you get enticed by a huge display of application icons.  And, if you want, they animate on the screen just wandering around drawing your attention.

Inspired by design, click it to get more details about the application.  If it’s what you want, another click and you into the application store and downloading.  Keep in mind that all of this is handily available from within the iPad itself.  It’s the slickest way to find new applications.  Head over to the website, if you’re so inclined, to create an account and share your finds with others.

Configuration?  Absolutely.  If you’re just looking for free applications or the Lite version before you want to purchase, this is a great way to proceed.

Just make sure that you have the settings configured appropriately.

If you’re an app junky, you’ll want to download and give this one a try.  It makes window shopping so easy from your iPad. 

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