This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I almost did it again.  Instead of “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”, I started to type the title as “The Week in Ontario Edublogs”.  I’ve done it before and that’s why this post’s numbering doesn’t reflect the actual number of times I’ve written this post.  Sigh.  Let’s just say I’ve written it a lot. AndContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Student Vote 2019

Well, it happened yesterday. The Prime Minister visited the Governor General and asked to have the legislature dissolved. As I write this, the 2019 Election isn’t the lead story on the local newspaper. I hope that I’m not going to be reading an opinion piece about how disengaged the public is when the newspaper didn’tContinue reading “Student Vote 2019”

A Different Type of Blog

Set aside a few minutes to check out Patrick Moberg’s bog.  This is completely different and shows what an artist can do to blog with original art and pictures instead of words.  I just spent more than a few minutes.  Fascinating And, in celebration of the recent US election, check out the images ofContinue reading “A Different Type of Blog”

A Reason to Block YouTube

I’ve mentioned a couple of times my thoughts about running for political office in a YouTube world. This takes the cake. I feel so sorry for both of them but you’ve got to believe that if there’s a camera and anything other than a pristeen moment, it’s going to end up on YouTube.  If we’reContinue reading “A Reason to Block YouTube”