This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Well, that was a quick week.  Best day had to be yesterday, at least in the morning. For your next week inspiration, check out some of these great blog posts from Ontario Edubloggers. Back in the day was better (because now is often unbearable) Will Gourley's post on the Heart and Art Blog made me … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs


Happy Pi Day

It's a sad day in Ontario Education. Today is March 14 which is, as everyone knows (or ought to know) is Pi (π) Day. It's an amazing number and there are so many mathematical things that you can do with π.  And they're all just fun. So much, I've actually created a Flipboard collection of … Continue reading Happy Pi Day

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Ah, the end of a busy week. You've got one thing to do before the weekend. Catch up with the thoughts of some amazing Ontario Edubloggers. This week's posts come from: @mr_robcannone@avivaloca@turnmeluce@LisaCorbett0261@Self_Reg@callmemrmorris@cherandpete On cultivating curiosity in the classroom I don't think that there can be enough posts on this topic. Just how do you inspire … Continue reading This Week in Ontario Edublogs