An interview with Lynn Thomas

Through Social Media, I’ve made connections with Lynn Thomas over the past few years.  She seemed to be very interested in taking on a leadership role provincially and, when I asked her to take on a role on the ECOO Board of Directors, she was all in.  She remains very active online and I wasContinue reading “An interview with Lynn Thomas”

An Interview with Deborah Weston

Deborah Weston is a teacher of 20 years having taught the gamut of special education grades in elementary schools.  She “is an advocate/ally for issues dealing with Workplace Health & Safety, Special Education, Mental Wellness, LGBTQT, and Aboriginal topics.” During these difficult times, she took time from her advocacy and lesson preparation to be interviewedContinue reading “An Interview with Deborah Weston”

An Interview with The Staff Room podcast

A “new-ish” podcast (at least to me) has been added to the voicEd Radio broadcast team.  Called The Staff Room Podcast, it’s hosted by educators Pav Wander and Chey Cheney.  They took a break from the heat to agree to be interviewed.  So, thanks! Doug:  I always start with the same question – do youContinue reading “An Interview with The Staff Room podcast”

An Interview with Neerja Punjabi

Doug:  My first question is always this – do you recall when we first met? Neerja: I have been active on Twitter since 2011, which was my first year as a new elementary school principal. I wanted to learn and connect with educators who were sharing ideas in an open forum. I started following youContinue reading “An Interview with Neerja Punjabi”

An Interview with David Garlick

David is a retired principal from the Greater Essex County District School Board serving at three different secondary schools.  In isolation like most of us, he took the time to tell us a little bit more about himself, his career, and his interests. Doug:  First question, as always, do you recall when we first met?Continue reading “An Interview with David Garlick”