One of my favourite sessions that is held at the CSTA Conference is “Nifty Assignments”. Nifty Assignments is a project to gather and distribute great assignment ideas and their materials by K-12 CS teachers for K-12 CS teachers. Each year a few assignments are showcased by the authors at the Nifty Assignments session held at the annual CSTA conference.  It is intendedContinue reading “Nifty”

It should come with a manual

My 11-year old received a #sphero for Christmas and he is passionately coding it to read “Happy New Year’. Really powerful to see him figure this stuff out. Reminds me of my early days with #Logo and #turtlegraphics. @peterskillen @dougpete— Stephen Hurley (@Stephen_Hurley) December 27, 2018 This, from Stephen Hurley, was one of the firstContinue reading “It should come with a manual”

Hopscotch for iPad

I will admit to a certain level of geekyness.  I’m not apologetic about it either.  Sometimes, I just like to sit down and write a program for the fun of it.  It’ll never go anywhere and I don’t share it with others.  I find it just something enjoyable to do. One of the playthings thatContinue reading “Hopscotch for iPad”

Why Do We Have To Test?

  Next time you get that question in Computer Science, make reference to this link. It’s why testing and checking your code is so important.  The typical Grade 11 program may not necessarily be seen by anyone else other than the student and the teacher but there may come a day when the student getsContinue reading “Why Do We Have To Test?”

Entry Points

  I make no apologies when I admit my preferences and soft heart for computer science.  Over the years, no other subject has changed so much in content and pedagogical approach.  It’s a terrific computer science teacher who stays on top of all of this. Over the years, there has been no shortage of debateContinue reading “Entry Points”