A duet

I have two musical goals in life. Play a piano duet with Sir Elton John Learn how to play the piano Probably neither of these will ever happen.  I may even have them in the wrong order. But that's OK.  Google has me covered with a new "experiment" called A.I. Duet. I'm fascinated with the [...]

Whatever happened to …

... the Hypo Programming Language? Have you ever had to learn a programming language well enough to teach it in a few weeks?  Memories and inspiration for this post came from last week when I talked about optical marked cards. I did! It was for my first teaching job.  Teaching Grade 11 and Grade 12 [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday and Happy Last Friday if it applies.  Welcome to my weekly roundup of stories from Ontario Edubloggers that I was privileged to have read this past while.  Please enjoy. EQUITY IN COLLABORATIVE SPACES If you're in education, you've had plenty of exposure to group work or, as Rusul Alrubail describes in her title [...]

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

As I wandered around the Ontario Edublogger community recently, some of the stories stood out for me.  I'm happy to share them here.Teaching Visual Art and Computational Thinking Michelle Cordy ties these two concepts together in a post thatincludes a 5 minute video, a lesson plan and examples of student that show integration of visual [...]

Hour of Code 2016

The Hour of Code was started a few years ago to provide an opportunity for more students (and teachers) to get exposure to coding and programming.  It's been an overwhelming success and here we are at the brink of Hour of Code 2016 held in conjunction with Computer Science Education Week, December 5-11. The initiative [...]

Sort of a post

One of the topics that I always found a challenge to teach was that of sorting.  I struggled with learning the concept myself as a student and I always found it difficult to make it tangible and visible for students.   I did all the chalk and talk things that I could think of.  But [...]