COVID, Computer Science, and System Thinking, Part 2

My post yesterday was grounded in fact and a possible solution. It is a real world situation. Today, I want to propose a second System Thinking option for computer solution. And, it has been implemented so that answers the question “When would we ever need this?” In Essex County, COVID vaccination is available in aContinue reading “COVID, Computer Science, and System Thinking, Part 2”

COVID, Computer Science, and System Thinking, Part 1

I heard this conversation from a group of secondary school age students last night while walking the dog in the park. It must have been quite a heated discussion since I could here it from quite a distance. As we know, students entering school today have to submit to a screening as you’ll find here.Continue reading “COVID, Computer Science, and System Thinking, Part 1”

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Happy Friday! I hope that everyone is well and staying safe. Please take some time to check through and read some awesome thoughts from Ontario Edubloggers. Teachers Teaching About Things: Has The Needle Moved? There’s no doubt about this in Matthew Morris’ mind and I’m totally on side with this. His Exhibit A is theContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Computer Science Education Week

An annual event, this year’s Computer Science Education Week is December 7-13. It’s an opportunity to work with students to either introduce or push them further in studies dealing with Computer Science Education. As we know, it’s been a strange year and so it may not be possible to order those kits of micro:bits orContinue reading “Computer Science Education Week”