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These posts caught my eye this week.  There’s a wild variety of topics!

They Know Not What They Do

Tim King’s post reinforced the value of scheduling my posts for the future.  I had written a post sharing my thoughts about the negative Twitter messages going around this week dealing with the cancellation of school.  I called it Tweeting in the Cold, wrote it and scheduled it.  Then, it turns out that Tim had written a similar post with overlapping thoughts.  Before my post went live, I was able to go in and edit out much of the duplicate comment.  Tim’s a pretty smart guy so I’m glad that we were on the same wavelength.

Diana Maliszewski spotted Tim’s post too!

I could actually have scrapped mine and done something else but I thought it was an important enough issue to have two voices speaking about this and so left mine in place.

Today, as I begin to write this post, Maryann Fuduric sends me this story Students suspended for cold tweets to Peel school board.  Certainly, this is more ammunition to add to Tim’s point.

Endless Possibilities

Jennifer Casa-Todd took the concept of extensions to the web browser to an important level.  I think we all dress up our browsers nicely.  Out of the box, they do a good job for browsing the web.  With the addition of good extensions, they can do much more.

But suppose, just suppose, that you needed the extensions in order to browser the web.

Her posts suggests extensions that she considers important for all students to be able to enjoy the web that so many of us take for granted.  I’d suggest that you read the post and share it with everyone on your staff who have students who need an assist to get the job done.

This is an important read for those who have students who need a little more to get the best from their time online.

Change (a mommy post)

Jamie Weir’s latest post deals with the thoughts of mother as she contemplates what her life will be like as she returns to the classroom, this time in a new school.

It’s a nervous time.  Our family went through it three times.  The cool thing is that, as a secondary school teacher, you typically get done the school day before the kids do in elementary school.  That lets you take in school activities and sports.  These things are so important and it’s so interesting to watch your kids mature.  Being in education, my own kids became raw materials for things – my oldest was always available as a mentor with the “Women in Technology” series that we ran for Grade 8 girls to explore futures in science and technology; my son (here’s his IMDB page) has served as an incredible resource for my and some Communications Technology teachers and as part of a team nominated for Gemini Awards; my youngest daughter was a perfect fit when Marc Prensky wanted to interview some kids during an RCAC Symposium.  I just had to get her to London.

So, Jamie, yes, it’s a nervous time but the beginning of great life experiences ahead.

Challenge! Pass it on

I dunno.  An administrator who breaks the rules? Kristi Keery Bishop was tagged in the 11 things challenge and then chickened out before naming people to spread the meme too.  Instead, she’s extending it to everyone.  So, if you always wanted to participate, here’s your chance.  Comment and let her know that you’re in.

Thanks to the great Ontario Educators who continue to think, learn, and share via their blogging.  It makes for an interesting time online daily.

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