A Chrome Extension Built for Learning

One of the things that I struggle with is trying to learn via video or blog post as often they’ll contain a link that just sounds so interesting.  So, I’ll follow the link and then try to find the breadcrumbs to get back to the original learning. I’ve finally developed a technique of opening the link in a new tab.  Either right-click (or two finger tap) in the page and select “Open Link in New Tab” or hold down the Command Key and click on the link to force it to open in the new tab.  Both work and then I close the new tab or, more likely, have it open until I get to the point where I have so many open that I’ve forgotten what I was originally doing.

I now have a new option.  It’s a Google Chrome extension called “NiftySplit“. Once installed, it injects itself into the Context Menu as a new option.

So, instead of opening the link in a new tab, I’ll open it as a NiftySplit window!

If I go back to yesterday’s post, I end up with my blog post on the left and the reference page on the right.

Both the original and the reference are on the screen.  Just think of all the times that you scrambled for a second monitor to have a couple of browsing windows open.  It’s no longer needed with this extension.

It’s such a great idea; I wouldn’t be surprised if we see it incorporated in the core browser as it continues to get better.



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