Answers to Sheila

After prodding from Sheila Stewart, who I had previously tagged in a blogging meme, here are my responses to her questions.

Here goes!

What is your favourite season or month? Share a reason, if you wish.

  • Summer – I love swimming.  There’s nothing better.

Where would you like to travel next?

  • Given the current weather, staying in the Sun Parlor and the occasional dog walk, works nicely for me.

What band/music do you enjoy that you discovered through a recommendation from a person younger than you?

  • Mumford & Sons thanks to my daughter

What do you plan to eat more of in 2014?

  • That’s a tough question.  It depends on the mood and the location.  But, if it’s on the menu, I will order Mapo doufu.

What is your favourite flower or plant or tree?

  • Oddly, I’ve taken an interest in cactus.  A neighbour gave us a cutting once and said “Just stick it in the ground”.  It has now grown to take over that corner of the garden.

What rock or crystal are you curious about?

  • Amethyst (do I get extra credit?)

What was your most memorable grade level in school?

  • Without a doubt, first year of university. Everything I thought I knew about learning was new again.

What book or author are you enjoying lately?

  • My current read is a manuscript from a friend of mine.

Book or movie first?

  • Movie

Sweet or spicy?

  • Spicy with Szechuan being number one on the list.

Why did you begin to blog? Do you blog for the same reason now?

  • I’d experimented off and on but didn’t see the real rationale until a Will Richardson workshop at the Western RCAC.  His dispelled the notion that you blog for one particular purpose and that made things easier for me.  I continue to do that; no rules mean that you can blog about anything that is of current interest.  

Thanks for pushing, Sheila.  It’s just like being interviewed.


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