This Week in Ontario Edublogs

I always enjoy writing this weekly post.  There are some amazing posts and thinking going on with Ontario Educators.  It’s a way to give a tip of the hat and encourage all folks to do some new reading. Hey Mr. Business, Are You Kragleing the Curriculum? James Cowper went and saw the Lego movie.  Normally,Continue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

OTR Links 02/28/2014

Instant Google Street View Immediately go to an address on Google Maps tags: google view maps street map googlestreetview googlemaps streetview Computer Virus Stalls an F1 Team’s Car Testing @knolinfos Computer Virus Stalls an F1 Team’s Car Testing @knolinfos tags: RT @mashable: #Snowboob causes 100-car pileup in Toronto RT @mashable:Continue reading “OTR Links 02/28/2014”

Learning to Code

I had an interesting question asked of me recently. “What’s the best way for a teacher to learn how to code – take a class or learn online?” I searched my mind for the best answer.  First, as you know, the options aren’t necessarily exclusive, but I think I understood the intent.  I came backContinue reading “Learning to Code”

More to Think About

I’m still looking for some way to build stories from Twitter messages.  For the longest time, I’ve just built a Storify document.  Storify has a very powerful search that easily identifies Twitter messages provided you can find them.  In a recent post “To Storify or Not To Storify“, I shared how to build the storyContinue reading “More to Think About”