Managing Social Media

Hootsuite posted this to their blog and made it available on December 29. Managing Your Social Media Profiles While On Holiday I suppose that it could, or should, be posted/reposted during any holiday period as a way to remind folks that there is a great deal of power available in the tools that you use.Continue reading “Managing Social Media”

The End of a Technology?

We all know that it’s a lie when we say “this is the last __” that we’ll ever need to buy.  You can insert computer, washing machine, television, couch, bed, car, house, or whatever into that blank and the sentence is true. It turns out that “football stadium” also fits. As I type this post,Continue reading “The End of a Technology?”

The British Library Image Collection

It was with real interest here that I read that the British Library was donating millions of images to Flickr.  People are encouraged to explore and reuse as needed. Flickr image, courtesy of the British Library In my case, “reuse” meant just wandering through the collection, bringing back memories of history classes long forgotten.  WithContinue reading “The British Library Image Collection”