Changing Themes

Thank you for all who noticed that I changed the theme on this blog last night.  I guess it's part of the reflection process that six years at the same blogging place will give you.  For those of you who don't visit the blog on the web, you'll have to visit once to see what … Continue reading Changing Themes


OTR Links 01/15/2014

Doug @ Seacliffe Park I'm at Seacliffe Park (Leamington, ON) tags: Doug @ Kingsville Pavilion-Lakeside Park I'm at Kingsville Pavilion-Lakeside Park (Kingsville, Ontario) tags: Doug @ Colchester Harbour I'm at Colchester Harbour (Colchester, Ontario) tags: QR Codes and Math Stations | @scoopit QR Codes and Math Stations | … Continue reading OTR Links 01/15/2014