30 Something

If this does nothing but make you feel old or perhaps happy that you didn’t have to experience it, you need to read and reflect on “30 Things Turning 30 in 2014 by Mental Floss.  For me, it was a fun look back on some things.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT)

I never really got into these although my son did.  He even had a Ninja Turtle sandbox.

2. Tetris

This game was just so engaging.  I still play it today.  The best part was getting students, who were engaged, to write their own version and add their own twist to the game.

3. The Cosby Show

This goes down as one of the best television shows ever.  I don’t think we missed an episode.

4. Scarlett Johansson & LeBron James

The article provides an entire list of people who will turn thirty this year.

Happy 30th birthday to the following famous and/or infamous people: Kid Cudi (Jan 30), Olivia Wilde (Mar 10), Sarah Jean Underwood (Mar 26), Mandy Moore (Apr 10), America Ferrera (Apr 18), Mark Zuckerberg (May 14), Aubrey Plaza (Jun 26), Prince Harry (Sep 15), Randall Munroe (Oct 17), Katy Perry (Oct 25), Scarlett Johansson (Nov 22), Trey Songz (Nov 24), and LeBron James (Dec 30). (Whew.)

5. “Where’s the Beef?”

I recall using the commercials in a unit on marketing.  We all thought it was silly.

6. Ronald Reagan’s Bombing Gaffe (Plus National Ice Cream Month)

This was actually just scarey.

7. The Mac

I wasn’t impressed.  How could you do something without a command line?  Now, I’m blogging on one.

8. MAC

That didn’t land anywhere around me.

9. Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary

I still love watching this when it’s shown on TV.  Flutie was an incredible quarterback when playing in the CFL but you have to admire someone who uses their fame for such good as the Doug Flutie Autism Society.

10. This is Spinal Tap

A Classic.

11. Legal Taping of TV

I’m embarrassed to reveal just how much I paid for our first one.

12. The Video Music Awards

I think this really pushed outrageous to the extreme.

13. The Print Shop

I think this legitimized the use of computers for publishing.  Somewhere along the line, I used a Panasonic 1091 printer with this software and really milked it.  Banners everywhere.

14. The Trebek Era of Jeopardy!

I can’t remember a time of Jeopardy without Alex.  That guy knows everything.

15. The “Press Your Luck” Incident

I don’t recall this but have always wondered if it worked with slot machines?

16. Law on the Moon (Sort Of)

I did not know about this.

17. The “Death Star” Hypothesis

If you believe in Star Trek, then you know this is not just a hypothesis.

18. Canadians in Space

Space and a high school named after you. Does it get much better?

19. TED

Interesting history behind these motivating talks.  I just ignore the detractors – if they can’t filter, that’s their problem, not mine.
My favourite talk.

20. Transformers

What a great franchise.  Even today, you can’t beat these as birthday presents.

21. Movies: The Karate Kid, Footloose, Purple Rain, Revenge of the Nerds, and More

I’ve seen them all.  Indeed, it was a great year for movies.

22. BOOKS! (Other Than 1984)

There definitely is a good collection of books there.  I can’t confess to reading them all but I did read “1984”.  Didn’t everyone have to in school?  And, what news story within the past year about internet security doesn’t make reference to the book!

23. Born in the U.S.A.

I have this album on vinyl and CD but now mostly listen to it on eStreet Radio.  How’s that for longevity spanning three types of media?

24. George Michael Started Being a Big Deal

“Do They Know It’s Christmas” plays in my head for most of December.

25. Band Aid

Who can forget this?

26. The Quagga’s Second Life (Sort of)

I remember thinking this was the scariest thing that could happen.  If we could control traits, who ultimately makes the decision as to what’s good and what’s bad?

27. Dude, You’re Getting a Dell

I own a Dell Mini10v.  It came with Ubuntu installed and now dual boots Ubuntu and Mint.  It’s the ultimate hacker thing for me.  So far, I haven’t been able to break it.

28. Muppet Babies

I didn’t raise my kids; television did.

29. The “Baby Bell” Telephone System


30. Ghostbusters

This is on my multi-viewed list.  Another song that keeps playing in my head.


What a fun reminisce.  I hope this blog post is still around when they’re 60 years old.  It will be fun to re-read.


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