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Happy New Year to readers of this blog.  I wish you all the best.  Continuing with the excellence of publishing in 2013, there’s lots of great blogging from Ontario Educators as we head into 2014.


Resolutions – Finding a new focus – A Year dedicated to a Plant-Based diet

You’ve got to love a person who devises a plan and sticks to it.  In this post, Zoe Branigan-Pipe describes how she decided to do a number of things for her health and succeeded.  It is an inspirational story of success.


If the topic is food, …

Recipe: Eggplant Peanut Soup

Brandon Grasley shares a story and a recipe from the streets of Sault Ste. Marie


I’m not normally a fan of eggplant but I am of everything else in the recipe.  This might be worth a try.


One of the most important lessons I have learned.

Sometimes inspiration comes from the seemingly strangest places until you check the place and it really shouldn’t come as a surprise.  Kimberley Flood shares a story of inspiration for her personally and then extends her thinking into a classroom activity for her students.

I hope that she does try it and shares the results via her blog.


Cold, eh?

You can have a “woe is me” moment shovelling snow in -15 degree weather but all of a sudden it seems warm compared to Colleen Rose’s -30.  Her class is in contact with one in California – how do you describe how cold it is so that they understand?

I won’t spoil her surprise; you’ve got to visit her blog to see it happen in a Vine video!


Contemplating Changes

Aviva Dunsiger is planning some changes for her class for the new calendar year.  It’s given that there are new routines every fall with a school year start but she’s about to give it a change mid-year.

What is interesting to me and I think a good illustration of how connections can work was that Aviva was challenged for her plans by a reader to her blog.  The challenges are legitimate and Aviva took them on by way of reply.  Such a discourse couldn’t happen over Twitter for the sake of length of conversation so what better place than a blog?  This will be worth of tracking…


Memories of Making Math Music

While on the topic of Aviva, I’ve got to give her a nod for mentioning a post from a few years ago from Kim Gill’s blog.

From her blog, Kim shares some of the MP3s, that were created.  Enjoyable.


Please take the time to enjoy these blog posts at the links provided.  You can check out these and all the posts from Ontario Educational bloggers here.

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