Inspiration for Blogging

I ran across this resource this morning and was immediately inspired to check it out.  Does it do what it claims?

From HubSpot, welcome to the Blog Topic Generator.  Just shoot it three terms and the resource will generate a week’s worth of blogging topics for you.  How could I resist?

I gave it my three favourite blogging topics.

Within seconds, here are my suggestions.

Now that I’ve got the titles, I just need to write the posts!

I dunno.  I’d be stumped at “Miley Cyrus and Education” although the Wikipedia has her attending Heritage Elementary School.

It’s fun though to toss different topics in the direction of the generator and see what it suggests.

Maybe it could be used to overcome writer’s block?

Or, after a post is written, have students pick out three keywords, concepts, or tags and get some inspiration for a title with punch?

In the meantime, it’s just a bunch of fun.  Give it a try.

For this article, I’ll try “Inspiration”, “blogging”, “students”.


I kind of like my own choice!

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