A Puzzle to Drive You Nuts

I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle.  The more it makes me thing the better.  I love logic and a good mathematics puzzle is hard to beat.

On a cold and rainy day, I decided to go looking for one.  And, I found a good one.

Matchmatics is a faithful replication of the math activity that drove me nuts (but in a good way) in elementary school.

Remember this?

A mathematical puzzle with the digits and the operators created by matchsticks.

I remember them being drawn that way in the textbook and, if you were lucky enough to get a textbook that didn’t have the answer already written in it, you reproduced the question in your notebook and then solve it.

The solution can be reached by moving one of the sticks so that you end up with a mathematically correct expression.

In the iPad version, just pick a stick and move it into place.  When you get a correct solution, it’s time to move on to the next puzzle.

An additional challenge is to do a screen capture as you solve a puzzle.  In this relatively simple one, I completed the equation by changing the six to a zero.

Want to drive yourself nuts?  Want to challenge those learning math?  Download and give it a try.  Oh, by the way, it does keep score so speed of solution is important.  If you’re like me, you’ll ignore that and just want to solve the puzzle!

The free version contains 10 puzzles and three different challenges for solution.  Beyond just playing it, in the classroom I would use it as a launchpad for students to create their own puzzles and challenges for classmates.

A full version of the program is also available for $0.99



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