Old Stuff

This resource is incredible.  I use that term when I make reference to something that steals my attention away from other things I should be doing.  This absolutely happened to me today.

The resource starts at “Old Pictures” and the website lives up to name.

Admittedly, the concept is very American but that’s its focus.  (although there is a small collection of things called “Canada”)  Some of the terminology used isn’t the most political so you’ll want to be careful how you use parts of it.  But, if you’re looking for images from days gone by, this is a very interesting collection.

All of the content is copyright by the website so that needs to be factored into your use as well.

The reason why the post is called “Old Stuff” instead of “Old Pictures” lies in one of the links.  It leaves the original picture site and takes you to a collection of online maps.  I’ve always been fascinated by maps and the sophistication of mapping skills as man’s tools became better over the years.   Viewing this complete collection just increases the fascination.  Again, the content in the map section is subject to copyright as well.

Navigation is accomplished by a simple menu on the left of the screen.


There are arrows embedded in the pages for navigation from one page to the next.

Sit back and enjoy this very rich and complete collection.  If you like history, you’ll love this.



OTR Links 04/09/2013

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