Old Stuff

This resource is incredible.  I use that term when I make reference to something that steals my attention away from other things I should be doing.  This absolutely happened to me today. The resource starts at “Old Pictures” and the website lives up to name. Admittedly, the concept is very American but that’s its focus. Continue reading “Old Stuff”

OTR Links 04/09/2013

I’m at Kings Navy Yard http://t.co/Q1PPg0HRbu I’m at Kings Navy Yard http://t.co/Q1PPg0HRbu tags: via:packrati.us Wideo.co | Anyone can make cool videos! “Share feelings, explain concepts, promote products, or simply have fun!” tags: animation vídeo animations web2.0 tools wideo creative cool A Must Have Guide on Using Twitter in your Classroom ~ Educational Technology and MobileContinue reading “OTR Links 04/09/2013”