If something like this had been available when I had studied History, I might have really got engaged and interested in it.

MyHistro is a wonderful mashup combining Google Map with an interactive timeline where you add the elements and tie them to a location plotted in Google Maps.

It’s a little difficult to put into words so I’ll direct you to a link that I enjoyed that put things into perspective for me.  I looked through the online library and found an interesting example.  It’s titled “Journey Through Canadian History by Picture Storybook”.  In this case, the authors have mashed maps, picture storybooks, and a historical timeline to make a really interesting story.


The combination of all of the story elements is very interesting.


I know that teachers are always struggling with coming up with innovative ideas for projects.  There is an iPad application that works with MyHistro.  Add your own text and imagery and others can comment on your work.   Once you’re done, there are a variety of ways to export your work or to embed it in your wiki or website.

Take a look at MyHistro and see if it doesn’t fit the bill for you.



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