April 1

One of the days that you really have to be on your toes as a teacher is April Fools’ Day.  You never know what your charges will be up to. In reality, it’s not all that terribly difficult to know that something is up.  First, there’s the distraction in the hallway before class when youContinue reading “April 1”

OTR Links 04/02/2013

The Hidden Biases in Big Data – Kate Crawford – Harvard Business Review The Hidden Biases in Big Data http://t.co/cqme0er1rk tags: via:packrati.us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Iz8iEH2ACc&feature=youtu.be @stratfest Got our tickets for #sfFiddler online this morning. Thanks to @masonsherry for promoting it. http://t.co/uaRCCj8tky tags: via:packrati.us sfFiddler Quickoffice comes to Google Chrome OS as Chrome Office Viewer http://t.co/MEzTDGDmrS via @ziteContinue reading “OTR Links 04/02/2013”