Games On Your Computer

y$=inkey$ If you don’t understand the above, you might not necessarily appreciate the website Kanogames. There was, indeed, gaming before Xbox, PS4, etc. All that you needed to play was a keyboard and a monitor.  Sounds were generated by the single tones of you computer and navigation controlled by scanning your keyboard looking for anContinue reading “Games On Your Computer”

For Lisa

This post is for @nobleknits2 who stole a bunch of time from me when she suggested that I look at Geoguessr.  Well, Lisa, you know what they say about paybacks… I re-ran into this site this morning and immediately dropped all productive work.  It’s called the Traveller IQ Challenge. Presented with a challenge of aContinue reading “For Lisa”

A Puzzle to Drive You Nuts

I’ve always enjoyed a good puzzle.  The more it makes me thing the better.  I love logic and a good mathematics puzzle is hard to beat. On a cold and rainy day, I decided to go looking for one.  And, I found a good one. Matchmatics is a faithful replication of the math activity that droveContinue reading “A Puzzle to Drive You Nuts”

When Counters Fail

My friend Andy and I have played DrawSomething for a long time.  How long, I don’t recall.  Perhaps he does and will add it in to the comments below.  We lived through the acquistion by Znyga and were pleased when they extended the number of games.  The new limit of 999 seemed to be unreachable.Continue reading “When Counters Fail”