Must Watch Television

At least for our family.

At 10pm tonight EST on the Discovery Channel, my son’s (affectionately known as “The Boy”) latest efforts have their world premiere.  The television show is called “Last Car Standing“.

Some of the pre-premiere news:


Biggest Takeaway from the Google Summit

I spent the weekend in Kitchener attending the Ontario Google Summit.  The neat thing about good professional learning events, in addition to the actual learning, is the chance to renew old friendships and to make some new ones.  Of course, when you head to Waterloo Region, there are plenty of people to meet again and to see what they’re currently doing.  It was also a wonderful opportunity to meet people that I interact with online.  Two notables are @sylviaduckworth and @cordym.

It was also an opportunity to meet new software developers.  I spent considerable time with @SrinivasSuraj.  He has a new educational startup called Planboard.  It’s a free online lesson planning tool for educators already populated with expectations from the Ontario Curriculum.  We kicked the tires on it for a while and it looks like it has definite possibilities.  The service is open, free, and waiting for people to sign up.  You might want to check it out…I feel a blog post coming on!

The biggest Google takeaway for me was actually a reminder that I could be working smarter with Google Drive.  After a while, I just seem to get used to certain routines and ignore others.

For me, it was the ability to connect to, and use effectively, Apps connected to Google Drive.

I’ve connected some in the past and used them but they’ve sort of fallen into neglect.  My big takeaway will be to remember and get back into the effective use of Apps.  There’s so much functionality that I’m missing.  Must remember.

I need to close with a big shoutout to Mark Carbone and the Waterloo Region IT team.  We held the summit at Eastwood Collegiate Institute and there were over 524 attendees plus exhibitors and presenters all connected wirelessly to the school network.  Of course, nobody ever just shows up with one device…  Way to go team.

The complete list of shared resources from the summit is located here.

OTR Links 04/22/2013

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