A Couple Things Fell Into Place

I think this is cool.

1) In my regular Friday post, I ask Ontario Educators who do not have their blog listed here to complete the form so that I can add them to the Livebinder.

2) Shadi and Heather attended the Ontario Google Summit.  I know Shadi and had a quick conversation with her before her presentation in the library at Eastwood.

So, back to Point #1.  I get an entry in the collection document from @buttercuphll asking to list a new blog.  It’s called “The 20% Project”.  Rather than just adding it without checking, which would be a dumb thing, I flip over and check it out.  There are two posts. Eeeeeeeh.

Then I look at the date.  They’re from this week so that deserves a closer look.

Look I do and I’m impressed.  One of the points made at the Google Summit is that Google employees are allowed to devote 20% of their work hours towards personal projects.  In this project, the classes are going to take the same approach – devote 20% of their time to projects of their own initiative.  What a great concept and a natural since the district will be using Google Apps for Education.

The logic is there.  I wish them good luck and will be peeking in every now and again to see how it’s going!



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