Rockmelt for Web

I have been a Rockmelt fan for a long time.  When the browser first came out, I grabbed it and made it the default browser on my computers.  It was based on Chromium and had all of the hooks to social networks built right in.  It was the perfect combination of everything that I do most online.  Everything was just sort of arranged around the outside of the browser itself.  Because it was Chromium based, you could apply a Chromium theme to it (I love my green).  Extensions just worked and so it really acted like a well decked out social browser.  I originally wrote about it here.  Looking at the date, I can’t believe that it was back in 2010 when I got my first invitation to use the product.

The folks at Rockmelt have announced the end of life for that product.  It’s sad but things have really moved along there.  Recently, I blogged about the release of Rockmelt for iPad.  That brought a whole new way of reading the news for me.  I shared my thoughts about it here.

So, it was with great excitement that I read that the changes that were promised for the desktop were now available.  Their newest product is Rockmelt for Web.

I sure could have used it just this past weekend at the Google Summit.  The hotel that I stayed at had very weak wireless access.  I couldn’t get connected with my iPad but I could with my laptop.  Sadly, that stopped me from using Rockmelt for iPad!  Then, at the sessions themselves, it was a matter of shifting from one device to another to get the best of both worlds.  It would have been nice to just have Rockmelt in the browser.  Now I can.

It’s as simple as going to  You’ll be asked to log in – at present you’ll have to request an invitation or already have a Rockmelt account from one of its other products.  I have five invites if you’re in a hurry to try it out.

Once logged in, you’ll see immediately a consistent approach to the display of information.  The categories that I have selected for the iPad version are instantly available on the web.


The stories appear in the very popular tiled format.  You get a quick look at what the story is about.  Tapping the story opens it in your browser and you’re off.

See a good story?  You’ll be able to share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest immediately by connecting your accounts.

The whole Rockmelt approach also lets you tag an emotion to any story.


When I first saw this, I thought it was a little hokey and I didn’t really use it a lot.  However, when you use all the features of Rockmelt, they make so much sense.

Content to read can be selected via categories:


You’ll notice that you can select by typical topic categories but you can also select by emotion!  When I just need to be entertained, I’ll wade my way through the WTF category.

Of course, what would social be if you couldn’t follow people and others couldn’t follow you.

I’m only into a couple of days working with Rockmelt for Web but have already decided that it’s going to be one of the tabs that automatically open when I launch my browser.  There’s just a neverending stream of interesting things to read and it’s all available in the browser.

For me and my addictive reading habits, this is a definite keeper.


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