I Think I’m Good

Like many people I was very surprised when the announcement that Google will be discontinued its RSS reader in July of this year.  When I first read about this, I was worried.  How will I get my news?

Then, I realized that my use of Google Reader has dropped off over the time that I had an account.  Don’t get me wrong; I still use it but it’s not my only tool.  Traditionally, it has been the place where I’ve added news feeds from great blogs and technology sources.  My reading initially was solely done through Google Reader but I think I’ve moved on.  These days, I do a great deal of reading on the iPad because it’s just more comfortable to lie in bed or on a coach and check on the latest.  I also have a wide variety of sources for my reading and enjoy the face that the day’s readings come from many sources unknown to me.

Here’s a picture of my "News" folder on the iPad.

There’s plenty of good reading there.  There is a crossover of content from here to my laptop.  Since Chrome is my current favourite browser, it comes as no surprise that a couple of extensions are installed there to make reading easy.  Feedly and NewsSquares lead the way here.

It’s exhausting just pulling this together.  I didn’t even mention the LiveBinder of Ontario Edubloggers.  The LiveBinder format works well there.  If none of the above yanks your chain, read Phil Bradley’s 20 Alternatives to Google Reader followed by Even More (33) Google Reader Alternatives.

Yeah, I think I’m good when Google pulls the plug on Reader.

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