Learning Together

My learning started today with a sharing of an article to my Twitter stream.  It was about a new extension for Google Chrome called OneTab.

The claim was that its use would save up to 95% of memory usage.  That’s an interesting number but it’s the “how” it does it that really caught my interest.  It does so by collapsing open tabs into a single tab which you can restore selectively or all at once.  As an embarrassingly “over-tab” user (or when I do a presentation to have a whack of them preloaded, I was immediately interested.

I shared it with the sharing link from within Zite so that anyone else who is interested knows about it and the post serves as a bookmark for me to follow up later on.

As it turns out, @bgrasley saw my post and was interested as well.  I’m guessing that he has a sore spot for tabs too.

He hopped in asking questions before I had a chance to test it out.

The bottom line, ended up doing a little co-testing of the application and sharing what we were finding.  My Hootsuite ended up tracking two conversation chains.


I’m sure that there will be more to follow but that’s where we stand as I write this.

And the verdict…


There are a number of interesting things to note.

  • if I wasn’t connected and online, I would never have had found about the extension in the first place;
  • if I wasn’t friends with @bgrasley on Twitter, we would never have had this discussion;
  • if I hadn’t shared my thoughts, nobody else would have known;
  • if I hadn’t shared my learning in the open, my personal testing wouldn’t have gone as deeply as @bgrasley has taken it.

The bottom line for me is that this one little example just shows how important being connected is for my own personal learning.  I can’t imagine swimming in the big internet pond without folks around me to help out.


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